Phases of the Moon Class – starts 1/26

I am delighted to announce that I will be teaching a class on the phases of the Moon for the New York City Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

WEDNESDAYS, Beginning January 26, at 7:15pm – 9pm (with break), on Zoom, 10 sessions, $190

E-mail Danny Larkin at for the syllabus and to register

As we all know, the moon gains in light from the new moon until the full moon, and then decreases in light until the next new moon.

Our moon’s emotional processes is structured around the amount of light the moon reflects when we are born. In a way, we keep reflecting in this way throughout our entire life.

I’ve designed a class that guides you through the material of each of the 8 phases. 

Knowing the moon’s phases can be particularly helpful when we are working with a chart for which we do not have a precise birth time. 

The homework will be fun. Watch a few movies each week. We will then explore how the doctrines manifest in the lives of the people the films portray.

The other curriculum element I have built into this class is the mother.

As we all know, there are aspects of our emotional process and how we work with our moon that trace back to our mother. I have picked case studies where we can look at the chart of the mother to see what might be carried through to the next generation.

In this nine week course, we will explore each of the moon’s phases with a few detailed case studies. We will explore how to integrate the Moon’s Phase with generating the meaning for a planet in sign, house and with any aspects.

It would be an honor to share this journey with you. E-mail Danny at for the syllabus, to register, or to make a payment plan. The tuition is $190.00.


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