Individual Astrology Readings

Danny meets with clients in New York City – as well as virtually over Zoom – for natal readings as well as timing coaching readings. Readings are $165.00 each.

To schedule a reading – text me if you have my phone number. If you don’t have my number yet, then e-mail me at

Please note, I am also a professional art critic and my inbox receives a high volume of press announcements. If I don’t respond within 24 hours, it means your message was buried, so re-email me, text me or facebook me.

I am fully certified by the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). I completed their trainings in consulting skills as well as ethics and passed ISAR’s competency exam. I am also certified at Level 1 by National Council of Geocosmic Research / the Professional Astrologers’ Alliance (NCGR/PAA).

My approach to astrology is an adventure in synthesis. In a manner similar to Rob Hand, I synthesize insights from Egyptian, Hellenistic, Medieval, Modern astrological sources to empower my client.

My foundation in Ancient Techniques has been close study with Demetra George. I attended her three Hellenistic retreats in 2016, 2017 and 2018, in which she previewed material in her landmark book, Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques. I passed her first and second exams in Hellenistic Astrology with distinction. I have gleaned valuable insights from studying Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology Course as well as studying modules with Austin Coppock.

My approach to Modern Astrology has been a deep engagement with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, which is the oldest school of astrology in the West. Its tutors are the custodian of a powerful lineage. I had the additional privilege of attending a live seminar with Liz Greene in 2017 in Cornwall. I began attending summer school annually in 2017 and have completed their first module. While the history of modern astrology is contentiously debated, it is well documented that the Faculty played a key role in the of standardizing and codifying many elements of what we know recognize as modern astrology. It’s been important for me on a soul level to travel to England every year and to honor this lineage.

My practice is on the cutting edge of resurrecting ancient techniques, carefully calibrating modern techniques, and drawing in the cutting edge of insights about our most recently celestial bodies, whose energetic influence is detectable.

I approach astrological delineation in a highly detailed manner. Two hours is about the maximum for an effective session. However, in order for me to be authentic, I need more time to address numerous ancient omens as well as modern doctrines. So, it takes Mutiple for me to move through all the material in unpacking the natal horoscope in a manner that feels authentic to me.

This is a typical schedule for clients interested in a detailed natal chart analysis. However, it is often adjusted depending on the client’s interests.

First Session: Sun, Moon and Rising Sign
Second Session: Mercury, Venus and Mars
Third Session: Saturn and Jupiter
Fourth Session: Uranus, Chiron, Neptune,
Fifth Session: Pluto and Kuiper Belt

After these sessions, the work is not over. In fact, it is just beginning.

The next stage is timing techniques, which is coaching you on how to optimize these energetic invitations as the sun, moon, and planets move through the sky.

After getting to know each other through the first 5 detailed horoscope analysis session, I can help you to understand timing, and how this advanced layer of astrology pertains to your goals and your unfolding.

For timing techniques, I perform a detailed analysis including

Distributions through the Bounds
Ascenional Risings of the Signs
Solar Return Chart
Zodiacal Releasing

Depending upon what you want coaching on, I will ask you for some significant dates with respect to that topic and then do the homework to see which timing technique yields some gold. I believe action is crucial. I end each timing coaching session by discerning a next step and how to time it with an auspicious electional chart.

I respect my colleagues in the astrological community. However, after careful deliberation, I have chosen to work in my own unique manner with clients that is somewhat different than my colleagues. I charge less but ask my clients to book multiple sessions. I do this because it allows me to incorporate numerous ancient nuances that are not possible to explore when trying to condense horoscopic analysis into one session. Many clients appreciate this opportunity to go at a slower pace and to go deeper.

I also so this because my client base is predominantly people who are interested in astrology, are studying the sacred art at some level, and want to have a personal astrologer that goes more in depth. My clients want a blend of personal coaching and tutoring. They want to know the nitty gritty details.

Here are some of the ancient topics I address in detail with clients.

Day and Night – You were either born at dawn, during the day, at dusk or at night. From an ancient perspective, individuals born during the day have a special connection with the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. People born at night have a special connection with the Moon, Venus and Mars. Mercury can connect with both night and day births. Nativities born at sunrise or sunset require some additional analysis to determine whether they are a day or night chart.

Essential Dignity – From an ancient perspective, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have different powers at each degree of the zodiac. It is an intricate and elaborate doctrine but it can yield impressive results in deepening your understanding about how a particular planet functions beyond the obvious sign you may already know. Austin Coppock is fond of the metaphor of mutant power. In my experience, a fastidious analysis of the exact degree of of the sun, moon and visible planets yields profound insights in your special talents and abilities, and more crucially how to hone them and unlock their full potential.

Planetary Visibility – Ancient astrology analyzes how the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn appeared in the sky at the moment of your birth as well as the  most recent dawn and dusk. Some planets may have been blocked by the sun, moving quickly or slowing, or appearing at dusk, or a dawn. All of these considerations affect the expression of planetary energy.

Ancient Aspect Theory – Looking at a modern chart, one can also be overwhelmed by the number of aspects between planets. Ancient aspect theory has methods for prioritizing and ranking the most important aspects, which many clients with some knowledge of astrology have found clarifying.

Planetary Position – The exact position of a planet in the sky – whether it is close to the eastern horizon, near the top of the sky, near the western horizon, or whether it has set and appears to be under the earth was a major consideration in ancient astrology. In modern parlance, we call them houses. There are profound ancient meanings – originating with the Egyptians – for these placements, which we will explore in the readings.

House System Dissonances –  Some students of astrology seek out advanced counsel about how certain planets can be one house in one model but in another house in another model. Astrology is divination. At different epochs in astrological history, very different meanings were given to the same parts of the sky, which reflect dramatic cultural changes. However, if we can place techniques within their historical context, it can become clearer what it means that the ancients observed a planet in one house, whereas the medievals or moderns saw it differently. Modernity is its own strange pressure on each of us, which can be reflected by a modern house cast. However, our magical powers and inheritances from our ancestors can be revealed with the old whole signs.

Fixed Stars –  There are over 1000 stars visible in the night sky – if you are not near light pollution. If a planet is closely aligned with one of these stars, it gives the planet an additional charge that changes how you relate to this energy. Fixed Star work is incredibly detail oriented and invites you into ancient myth, but it yields powerful insights into how your particular connections and expressions with planterary energy.

I also address modern topics in detail with clients. I am enchanted by the insights gleaned from an ancient understanding of the chart. However, I am also keenly aware that each of us must bear modernity – and the profound shifts that have taken place in recent centuries. I do believe that techniques from modern astrologers can enhance our interpretation of the sky at the moment of your birth, and reveal how to cope with modernity and these strange times we live in today.

Outer Planets – Beginning with the discovery of Uranus in 1781, it has become evident there are numerous planets in our solar system that we cannot see with the naked eye. I have studied these planets from a psychological perspective with Liz Greene during webinars and in person in England. However, I find that a rigorous examination of the visible planets over the course of a few sessions is a necessary prerequisite before we can begin effective client work on the outer planets. The invisibility of these planets is symbolic – their energy often operates at a subconscious level that can feel invisible. And the way they interact with the visible planets provide important clues about the hooks we can find in your conscious awareness to start shifting the deeper subconscious patterns the outer planets represent.

Asteroids – Since the 19th century, astronomers with telescopes have discovered and named numerous asteroids in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. Demetra George wrote the first major interpretive book on utilizing these asteroids in the 1980s and many astrologers now incorporate them into horoscopic analysis. If an asteroid is tightly aligned with a visible planet in the sky, the myth of that asteroid is a key to the flow of that planet’s energy.

Chiron, Centaurs and Kuiper Belt – Another cutting edge in astrology is the influence of Chiron, which was discovered in 1977 as well as numerous other planets beyond Pluto that are named after centaurs as well as non-western spiritual deities. I have studied this branch of astrology with Melanie Reinhart. If a centaur or kuiper belt planet is closely aligned with a visible planet, then once again, we find that myth is a omen for the expression of the planet’s energy.

The art of astrological interpretation is synthesizing this rich corpus of omens, taking the time to listen to learn your story, and finding the insights from the sky to empower you.

And don’t forget – we are all made of stardust.

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