Astrologer C.V.

Danny Larkin is an astrologer based in New York City.

In 2007, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fordham University, earning a Bachelor’s with special honors in Art History. While at Fordham he studied broadly, including courses on Ancient Greek art, temple architecture, and pagan religion. He also studied Roman art, imperial religion, and ancient mystery cults. He also took courses on illuminated manuscripts and renaissance humanism.

In 2016, he learned how to erect a horoscope by hand, passed the first level NCGR test, and studied the fundamentals of Hellenistic natal astrology with Demetra George during her first five day intensive in Oregon. He also began progressing through Chris Brennan’s online Hellenistic astrology course and taking some modules with Austin Coppock. In 2016, he also assisted Chris Brennan with some special research projects such as analyzing the rising sign on extant Greek papyrus horoscopes, literary analysis of a Latin astrological treatise, and translation of a French source on the history of astrology, all in preparation for Brennan’s landmark Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune (2017).

In 2017, Danny served as the recording manager for the NCGR Baltimore conference, become an assistant organizer for the New York City Astrology Meetup, worked with Ian Waisler to organize the 2017 Queer Astrology conference in New York City, and was appointed the Vice President of the Association of Young Astrologers.

In 2017, Danny took classes in Brooklyn with Annabel Gat and traveled extensively to study astrology. He went to Princeton to study the origins of the Egyptian bounds as well as lunar mansions with Robert Hand. He traveled to Oxford for the Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School, where he studied the intersection between astrology and ancient megalithic structures with Robin Heath as well as astro-mapping with Glòria Roca Riera. He returned to Oregon to study ancient time lords with Demetra George during her second Hellenistic Astrology intensive. He traveled to Cornwall, England to study Carl Jung’s Red Book and the origins of modern psychological astrology with Liz Greene. He also went to London for a special workshop with Carole Taylor of the Faculty of Astrological Studies on the Fixed Stars.

In 2018, Danny was appointed President of the Association of Young Astrologers. He also joined the editorial board the Ascendant, relaunching the official journal of the Association of Young Astrologers. In 2018, Danny was also named an Associate of the New York City Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic research.

In 2018, Danny continued to study with Annabel Gat in Brooklyn and studied an introduction to Uranian astrology with Meria Epstein in New York. In April, he traveled to Barcelona to study Chiron with Melanie Reinhardt as part of a workshop organized by Aula Astrològica de Catalunya. In May, he traveled to Chicago for the United Astrology Conference where he led nightly planetary meditations inspired by the planetary nights of Guido Bonatti. In June, he traveled to Princeton to study how to elevate levels of planetary expression with Robert Hand at the Astrological Society of Princeton.  In August, Danny returned to England for the next iteration of the Oxford Summer School of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. He studied modern timing techniques as well as synastry. In October, returned to Oregon to study the origins and ancient understandings of the 12 houses with Demetra George.

As 2019 begins, Danny is studying Aspects with John Marchesella, President of the New York City Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. In May of 2019, Danny will embark on a pilgrimage with Demetra George to numerous sacred sites in Greece, studying the Eleusinian, Dionysian, Orphic and Samothracian mysteries. In August of 2019, he will travel to Oxford for the Summer School of the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

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